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June 17, 2012 at 11:22am

In which Claire geeks out - WARNING: DO NOT READ IF EASILY BORED.

I’m supposed to be doing some German practice at the moment, and I will, but I feel like I want to have a massive geek out right now. You might want to skip this post because it is going to be about something that no-one seems to have heard of that is the focus of my current obsession. Fuck it, it’s my blog, I do what I want. 

So a long progression of things has lead me to this point. First of all, the loneliness of moving to England forced me into finally learning how to use the Internet properly as the mother of all time wasters. In turn, this new skill brought me to the wonderful world of independent comics. Now, I have read comics before, graphic novels and stuff. And they were good, and I enjoyed them, but nothing really spoke to me. And then one day a neuron fired at the right moment, I clicked on a Harry Potter related link that brought me to Lucy Knisley’s blog, and from there I discovered this huge world of art.

And that leads us to the main focus of this post - Adventure Time. Two or so years ago, Cartoon Network took a chica-chance on this cute little cartoon series by Pendleton Ward that had been rejected by Nickelodeon. It is the story of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, who live in the magical Land of Ooo (which is probably Earth after a nuclear disaster). They have adventures (hence the name of the show) and their friends include a princess made of Bubblegum who rules a kingdom of candy people, a thousand year old vampire queen who plays bass guitar, a stupidly cute video game with an Asian accent named Beemo and a character named Lumpy Space Princess who is a …. lumpy space cloud(?) with a masculine valley girl accent. It is one of those kinds of shows where officially it is for children but actually it’s kind of for adults. I liken it to the vibe of Spongebob, but far less Ren-and-Stimpyish and in a completely different visual style.

It has become this kind of pinnacle of awesome for indie comic artists, and everyone is drawing characters/fan art, contributing to the show or contributing to the comics that go with the show. Every week on Tumblr new drawings pop up, and it is announced that Meredith Gran is writing this spin off comic, or Kate Beaton’s weird shetland pony is to feature in an episode (p.s. if you click on any link in this, click on this one because Kate Beaton is so good, so mother clucking good). Everyone draws and interprets these things in their own style and it is so good. So good.

The show went for three seasons before that fateful day six weeks ago when I thought, hmm, time to google this ‘Adventure Time’ thing that everyone is talking about! I didn’t watch it in order, I just watched it in whatever order Youtube delivered it. I cared about other things before I started watching it, I really did. Now I have seen every episode, some of them twice, and some of them three or four times. 

I…….. I just love it so much you guys.

This pic comes from the website of Gallery Nucleus. The artist is Phil Rynda.


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